Excerpt From ‘The Reapers Throne’!

Read a short excerpt from my upcoming book, ‘The Reapers Throne’!

Warning:Contains mature content.

Where is she?! Where the fuck is she?!

I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming. Quietly I removed the knife from my jacket pocket. I pushed the door slightly ajar, creeping into the room as slowly as I could. I was almost inside the room, with the door almost completely open, when the light flicked on. I withdrew, holding my breath.

“Ajax, is that you?” Denise called. I could tell from her voice she was fighting against the pull of sleep.

I retreated further, pulling the door with me. I had a plan- all I had to do was stay calm.

“Ajax?” She whispered. The bed rumbled- she was getting up. I prepared myself, aiming at where I thought she would be. The moment was here. The Queen was in my grasp. I could barely keep myself from shouting in excitement, from breathing in every delectable morsel of my Queen’s scent, from bounding around the flat screaming in jubilant ecstasy. The image of her bloodied, pale body tucked neatly into the pit, her lifeless eyes staring up at me, thrilled the senses. I wondered what she tasted like.

The door swung open. Denise stood for a second, unsure of how to feel and unsure of what she was seeing. Very few people know what it’s like to see true fear in someone’s eyes, to see absolute shock in its most primal form, but those that do, those scarce few people scattered in the dark of night, they know the pleasure of it. They know the seething, orgasmic delight of unadulterated terror. For a moment I swallowed it whole. Tingles and shivers rocked my form; the quivering angst of joy and anticipation my strongest vice. I readied myself for the climax.

Before she could utter a single syllable of horror, before she could raise her hands in defence, before the light shone down in condemnation of my sins, I pounced.

The Reapers Throne will be released later this year. I will warn you now that this book is best suited for those with strong stomachs. Blood is the tamest thing you’ll see in it.