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The world is lost, the Pantheon reign supreme, and Lilith holds the inhabitants with a fiery iron fist. In this desolate dystopia, Jack and Emily must find a way to overthrow the dreaded leader of the Pantheon, Vox, who serves the word of their God, Lilith. Along their journey they must fight their way through the demented followers of the righteous religion, save as many people as they can, and deal with creation’s greatest secrets. They are thrown into a world of Gods, monsters and men. Unbeknownst to them, a greater plot is in the working inside the mountain of the Pantheon. A strange, lonely prisoner who may be far more than he appears is being trained by the Pantheon to serve the word of Lilith. A battle of the Gods must ensue.

This book is a part of the Multi-Verse Mythos; a series I’m particularly proud of. It paves the way for a very exciting future in a fictional universe I can’t wait to bring you more of. You can find the print here. Through the link provided you can also find the Kindle Edition. Reader’s choice.


Dive into the world of the headless horseman to uncover the truth behind his past and then cower in fear from ‘The Family’. A collection of stories to amaze, bewilder, astonish and horrify, from the darkness of The Mystery Of Hartley Manor to the mind-bending Multi-Verse Mythos, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Includes The Dulluhan, The Mystery Of Hartley Manor, The Sluagh, Experiment106 and more!

This collection of short stories is sure to get the heart pounding, from the Sci-Fi influenced Gelus, to the creepy ambience of The Mystery Of Hartley Manor, I’m sure you’ll find something in here to help you procrastinate as much as possible. Plus, there’s plenty of references to the Multi-Verse Mythos that I’m hoping eagle-eyed readers will catch. (Not that they’re especially well-hidden…they’re about as subtle as a chimpanzee with a machine gun.) You can find the print here and the Kindle Edition here.

I have released more books than mentioned, however, just as a grown-up would look at their crudely crafted homework projects from school and wonder how they were ever so naive to believe that this monstrosity should ever have seen the light of day, I have found myself in the unbearable position of reading through these titles condemning my past self for his failures. These titles are temporarily disabled until I can redo them to a contemporary standard. They will be posted here as soon as I’m satisfied that they are no longer an eye-sore on the literary landscape (this may take a while). If you are one of the ‘lucky’ few who already have one of these titles in their possession, I can only wonder what possessed you to purchase them in the first place, and why you haven’t already deleted them both from your kindle and from memory.


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